Amy Engle has always had quite an imagination. From an early age, she started making up characters in her head to entertain herself when life felt bland. Her creativity has served her well as she has become an independent author.


In high school and college, Amy became fascinated by books about futuristic cultures. She loved experiencing the worlds of authors through the written word as well as on the big-screen. This eventually led her to write social science fiction, building new societies of her own and giving life to the characters in her head.


Born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, Amy endures the summer heat instead of surviving the freezing winters elsewhere. She is a middle child with an older sister and a young brother, whom she loves very dearly. But the person she loves most is her six year old niece that she gets to spend time with every other weekend. Auntie Amy gets to┬áplay Legos, do art projects, and read with her little “Mini-Me” and wouldn’t trade those memories for anything in the entire world!


In her spare time–when not writing or reading–Amy is attempting to “get healthy” (whatever that means). Her plan is to someday return to her self-defense classes and continue her training as a black belt in American Kenpo. She also enjoys swimming, yoga, power-walking, Zumba, and light-weight training.


In December of 2012, Amy completed her Bachelor’s degree in English education. She is starting a new position this fall at a local junior high school. She is looking forward to another year of teaching English to 7th graders.


As if life wasn’t busy enough, Amy has been an entrepreneur for almost eight years. Licensed as a massage therapist in the state of Arizona, Amy has found gratification in helping dozens of clients find relief from their chronic pain and stress. On top of her massage therapy business, Amy also house sits for people on vacation, taking care of pets and homes so that the owners have a couple less things to worry about on their time away.


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to learn more about Amy’s. If you would like to be in touch with her, please visit the “Contact Me” tab on the main menu. Have a blessed day!