Imagination VS Knowledge

So today’s post is going to be short because:

  1. I had to deal with a kitchen catastrophe that took me half and hour to clean up.
  2. I decided that in order to make my daily goal of blogging every day, not all posts will be lengthy.
  3. I forgot that I have to be somewhere tonight.

I’ve been trying to think of ┬átopic to write all day. I even posted on Facebook, begging for ideas. But as I went on my daily walk, I thought about the kinds of things that I have my students write.


They had Bell Work about a month ago where they had to respond to a famous quote. ┬áSo I decided that will be my go-to idea when I’m pressed for time.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” –Albert Einstein


I’m sure that this is a very controversial topic. I wish I had more time to expand on it, but I absolutely think that the father of modern physics is correct.


Growing up, I was really good at remembering information. It wasn’t that I had an eidetic memory; my brain just stored facts well. As I grew older, I realized that all that knowledge was useless without the ability to apply what I know. That’s when imagination becomes necessary.


If you can recall countless bits of information, it doesn’t mean a thing if your brain isn’t imaginative enough to put it to use. As a teacher, I try to impart to my students that they don’t need to understand everything I say, but they at least need to do something with what we are covering. It’s a difficult skill to learn as a teenager, but if it can be unlocked, their opportunities in life become endless.


To those reading this who say they aren’t imaginative, that’s okay. You can still learn to be. Find something that you’re passionate about and see if you can find a new perspective that hasn’t been realized yet.