Amy VS The Scorpion

“Amy VS The Scorpion”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2017 Poem #25


It’s started like any other day.

Up and at ’em early to prepare.

As I rinsed out an old cup,

A piece of congealed cheese

Moved in the deep, dark sink.

It hissed and scuttled about,

A tail and pincer flailing in rage.

I gasped, choking down a scream.

Hesitating, I eyed a shard knife

Sitting along the faucet knobs.

No, it wasn’t long enough to

Kill the brown, poisonous insect.

All I could think of was to wash

It down the garbage disposal.

The scorpion continued hissing,

Skirting the flowing waterfall.

Shrieking became more intense

As its legs slid along the wet surface.

It swirled about, circling the drain

Until it finally fell into the disposal.

The hissing continued below.

I flipped the switch with a wince.

Thrice I used the grinding machine.

And then the terror was all over.

I walked away from the sink victorious.