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RED FOR ED Letter to AZ Legislators

As an Arizona Educator, I’ve been in complete support of the Red For Ed movement. I’ve done my best to spread correct information to raise awareness of what we are attempting to accomplish. No matter what obstacles we face, we will continue fighting for our students’ future.


I wrote the following letter to all the Arizona Legislators this morning to invite them to join our cause:



Dear Esteemed Legislator:


The purpose of this letter isn’t to yell at you or to make threats. I have absolutely no aggression while writing this. I’m sure you have gotten your fare share of frustrated emails over the course of the past week during the RED FOR ED campaign. However, I would instead like to cordially invite you to become a hero in the largest education reform in decades.


Teachers and support staff are coming together—not just in Arizona, but all over the nation—to enhance the school experience for all of our students. With a culmination of thousands of years of experience working with children, these educators have come to a consensus on how best meet the needs of students. But they can’t implement these changes on their own.


Dedicated, hard-working legislators are needed to turn their vision into reality. A number have heard our plight and have decided to stand with us. If you have already committed to our cause, I would like to thank you; we feel so blessed by you. Thank you for joining us as we continue to pursue the best opportunities for our future generations.


If you have yet to join with us, remember that this is an open invitation. Even if you feel like this isn’t something you can support now, I will still remain hopeful that this is simply a timing issue. I’m confident that education reform is coming—whether it happens now or next year or the following years in unknown, but I guarantee that it is coming. I hope you will stand with us and be a hero as we continue to strive for the best of our state’s children.


Thank you so much for your time and service. I shall forever pray for wisdom and discernment for Arizona’s leaders in the difficult decisions they face every day. I appreciate your service and hope hat God blesses you for your efforts.



Amy Engle



–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #18


The words in my head–I keep them secret.

Too many times have I loosened my tongue,

Only to spew nonsense into the world.

If I don’t know you all that very well,

You might think me quiet and reserved.

But if you take the time to know me,

I just might open up and share my thoughts.

Good luck trying to shut me up then.

Keep in mind that there’s only a bare,

Rudimentary filter in place over my mouth

When I’m comfortable with a person.

They become a sounding board as I

Process my crazy, outlandish ideas.

Now that you’ve been thoroughly warned,

Approach our pending friendship with caution.

Chastising Summer

“Chastising Summer”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #17


You are too hot.

Have you tried being cooler?

My keys are like stove coils.

My skin is crispy and red.

My clothes are all sweaty.

Everything is melting!

Seriously, what’s your problem?

I’m going to move somewhere

That you’re not as powerful.

Oh? There’s snow there?

Okay, fine then. Never mind…

I Can

“I Can”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #16


I can be tired and burnt out.

I can feel like there’s no hope.

I can give up on my positivity.

I can let my mind atrophy.

I can try to be like everyone else.




I can push past my exhaustion.

I can remember there’s good in the world.

I can choose to spread joy.

I can continue challenging myself.

I can stand out and be unique.

Write A Poem

“Write A Poem”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #15


You really need to write a poem.

It might be hard for you.

Words tend to be elusive.

At times, you might have too

Much that you want to say.

And later, you might feel

Like you are brain-dead.

I want you to know that’s

Completely normal behavior.

Even the mightiest wordsmiths

Have those painful moments.

You might say you’re not a poet.

You might say you only write

Epic space battles or perhaps

Fantasy unrequited love stories

Or maybe zombie teen fiction.

That doesn’t matter at all!

Poets come from every type

Of writing background.

Take comfort that poems

Are shorter than books.

That might make them scarier,

But they don’t have to be.

Yes, you have less word count.

However, I’m going to ask that

You push that negativity aside.

It is absolutely 100% okay

If the poem you put your soul

Into turns out extremely awful.

That will not bring on the end

Of the universe, so relax!

Poetry is allowed to suck.

The beauty of art is subjectivity.

So now you’re out of excuses.

You really need to write a poem.