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Standard Means Nothing

“Standard Means Nothing”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #7


I understand the thought behind standardized test.

I really do. It’s just completely wrong.

First of all, they only evaluated a handful

Of standards that the students are required

To learn within the course of the year.

It’s not a fair sampling of what they can do.

Also, all they have from year-to-year

Is a number representing how well or poorly

They did on the previous year’s test.

No one really understands their progress

Quite like me, since I’m their educator that

Works them diligently every single day.

The test takers don’t evaluate their

Other communication skills–listening and speaking.

I took these quiet, reserved twelve year olds

And molded them into talkative teens

Who are so in-tune with their thoughts

That they have a hard time containing their words.

Although it can be a struggle at times

To get them to settle down for instruction,

I’m immensely proud that they’re now

Comfortable speaking their minds.

In addition, we’ve worked on so many other

Reading and writing skills that aren’t

Assessed on the standardized tests.

And if the focus of reading it solely

On retaining information and comprehension,

Then we are failing our students.

At their age, they need to be taught the

Beauty and majesty of the written word.

If they don’t like it, they’re never going to

Want to read–no matter how many times

You tell them they need to learn it.

Cursing and Crying

“Cursing and Crying”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #6


You ask me how I am and I know

That you’re just trying to be polite.

But I can’t answer that honestly


So I’ll put on a fake smile as I swallow

Down the tears and inappropriate

Words as I LIE and say that I’m FINE.

If you know me well enough to see

Through my ugly, hideous charade,

Feel free to PUSH the matter further

And ask me how I REALLY AM, but

Only if you’re okay hearing me rant

For the next ten minutes about how

Just NOT FINE that I really am now.

Gradual Molding

“Gradual Molding”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #5


I can’t believe you’re asking me that!

When are you going to use these skills?

Now I’d love to stop the whole lesson

And go over all the adult applications

Of what we’re currently working on.

But I know you’re just being difficult

In order to waste valuable class time.

So why don’t you come and see me

At lunch and we’ll have a meeting

To discuss how this knowledge will

Greatly benefit your distant future?

Oh? You say you’re busy at lunch?

That’s rather inconvenient .

But at this point, that’s not negotiable.

We’ll see how much enlightenment

I can bestow upon you during one

Meeting and then determine if other

Subsequent lunches are necessary.




–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #4


Time to be beautiful!

Every year–that’s my goal.

Let me make some changes

To make me more attractive.

First, gotta spend half of my

Next hard-earned paycheck

On new, more stylish clothes.

Ca-ching. Ca-ching. Ca-ching.

But it’ll be worth it.

At least, I’m pretty sure it will.

Oh, but the clothes don’t matter

If I look awful in them.

Next step is running.

And let’s throw in some

Sit-ups since running is hard

And I can’t do it all the time.

Yes! I feel strong–invincible!

Nope! I’m done now!

Everything–and I really mean

“EVERYTHING”–all of it hurts!

Why do people do this?

Oh, yeah! To be thin!

I don’t think it’s worth it…

But let’s move on for now.

Being fit is about more

Than just strong muscles.

Hit the produce market

And fill your cart with veggies.

Prep. And prep. And even more prep.

Wash. Cut. Eat. Repeat.

Cut out the friend food.

Attempt to limit your carbs.

Replace them with natural foods/

Choke them down, if necessary.

Think about the smaller you

That you’ll soon become.

I’ll save removing sugar from my

Diet for a time when I have a

Better handle on my eating practices.

Spend the rest of your access money

On beauty treatments.

Do your hair, nails, and make up.

Invest money into your prettier self.

Keep a mirror to check it all.

This is exhausting!

The anxiety makes me break-out.

Wash, scrub, and treat the face.

Balance should be within my grasp.

No time to exercise today since

I spent three hours food-prepping.

So I work out harder the next day,

Which leaves me too tired

To carefully plan my meals.

And now all  I want is

Hot, greasy bacon cheese burgers

With salty, crispy French fries.

I can cheat just a little, right?

I’ve been so good with everything.

Whoops! I’ve “cheated” all week.

This all just needs to be settled

Into a stable, habitual routine.

Then I’ll be use to it and

It won’t be as hard to accomplish

All these massive, irritating goals.

But I’m unraveling yet again!

I believe I can do better in the future.

I just need to refocus and re-evaluate

The motives of my resolutions.

I’ve worked too hard to give up now.

Transformation is within my grasp.

Quitting is not longer a viable option.




Herd of Happiness

“Herd of Happiness”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #3


The clacking of claws

And the pounding of paws

Echo up the tiled hall.

Fur flies behind in fluffs

As the dogs dance about me.

Their wet noses rub my legs

Before they circle yet again.

Bits of yellow-white hair cling

To my snot-covered clothes.

I don’t care how filthy I become

In their loving embraces;

The puppy love fills my heart

Ad soothes my anxiety.

I sit among the seven pets

As they line up to have

Their furry faces scratched.

Among my sweet, whining babies,

I get a little taste of heaven.