Brewed Functionality

“Brewed Functionality”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #9


The alarm buzzes and I

Just can’t wake up.

Subsequent rings slowly

Awaken my lethargic body.

Despite hours in bed,

I do not feel rested.

Everything hurts and my

Joints creak when I move.

Somehow I find the energy

And willpower to roll off

The wadded up mess of

Winkled bedding and onto

The bedroom floor rug.

One things compels me to

Continue with the morning:

My nurturing coffee fix.

There are so many people

Say it’s bad for your health.

So I’ve struggled for years

In breaking my addiction.

But I hate the withdrawal.

Life it tough and I need

All the help caffeine gives.

I’m going to forget about

All the naysayers and enjoy

The benefits of this delicious

Brewed treat that allow me

To somewhat function with

A degree of calm sanity.