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Ninety-Nine Cents

It’s been a crazy past couple months. I realized that I haven’t posted in almost two months.


So I just want to quickly update what’s going on in my writing world.


First and foremost, I’ve slashed the prices of all 3 of my Kindle books. Each is only $0.99 for the time being. So go get whichever books you haven’t gotten yet!


Next, I finished draft 2 of my next book. I’ve finally decided on a some-what decent tentative title: “Mended by Ashes.” It might change in the future, but that’s what I’m calling it now until a better title comes to mind. The goal is to–hopefully–publish sometime in January 2017.


November is National Novel Writing Month. Writers are encouraged to write 50,000 words in 30 days. This will be my 4th year participating. I’m proud to say that I’ve met my goal every year so far. Now I’m doing something a little different this time. I’m going to be writing 3-4 novellas instead of 1 book.I’m a little nervous about not making my word count because I’m currently working 60-70 hours a week. But that’s okay. The point of NaNoWriMo is to get stories out of your head and into some kind of physical form. It will at least give me something to work with after I publish “Mended by Ashes.”


Thanks for reading. Have a great day!



Don’t Panic

So, it’s been awhile. I had every intention of writing a post at least once a week. But teaching 7th grade English has proven to  be more time-consuming that I had anticipated. Working seventy-hours-a-week has taken it’s toll on my sanity, health, and energy. But since this is a 3-day weekend in observance of Labor Day, I’m feeling rejuvenated. My mantra–“Don’t Panic” from Adam Douglass’ “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”–has come in handy as I’ve been surviving countless emails, meetings, and germs that keep threatening my teacher-productivity.


It had been my goal to finish “Alteration,” the second book in my series, The Rygom Narratives. I even have a first draft that I had written years ago in college. But as I had re-read what I had, I was discouraged by how awful the manuscript was. I kept trying to motivate myself to work on it. However, I could never find the desire to work on it. I know established writers say to write every day, but I just don’t have any energy to work on a project that I’m not passionate about. So I’ll get to it eventually. Just not right now.


In the meantime, I’ve gotta write something. I wrote a story for NaNoWriMo last year that I really enjoyed. It doesn’t need as much work and I think I can finish it in a couple months. I’m hoping that will invigorate my creative energy so that I can work on “Alteration” later on this winter or early spring. For those that are curious, the tentative title of my current project is “Wisps of Honor”–it very well might change since I’m not 100% happy with it.


One last thing for now: I’ve cut prices on all my books on Kindle. I realized that I had been charging too much. Most of the indie writers I’ve come across have lower prices. I’m sure that they don’t make as much commission, but they sell a lot more books. So I thought I’d give it a shot, too. You can check out all my books here.


Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!

Free Copy of Reps and Royals

The release date for Reps and Royals will soon be upon us! I’m in the final stages of editing, making little tweaks to perfect the manuscript. Everything is coming together quite smoothly.


I had an idea the other day: I’m going to offer a free advanced copy for a limited number of people. Do I have your attention yet? Good!


Here’s what you need to do:

-Fill out the form on the Contact Me link in the site menu. Please write in the Message box that you would like to receive a your free copy of Reps and Royals.

-I will be emailing my first News Letter on July 2nd with a PDF version of Reps and Royals. If you were one of the first fifteen people to sign up, you will receive a special email with the PDF. If you do not get the PDF, I’m terribly sorry, but I hope you’ll still read News Letters to so you can be aware of any future deals I’ll be offering.


Wow! A free book? How generous! Well, yes, but if you’d like to show your appreciation, there are ways that you can do that. As an indie author, my book sales largely depend on having good reviews and ratings on Amazon. Now I’m not going to constantly bother you with emails until you rate Reps and Royals, so don’t feel any obligation to write anything. However, if you really liked it, help other readers know what a great book it is!


Whew! Being pushy is hard! I hate to ask for reviews like that, but not everyone understands that Reviews are the cornerstones to an indie author’s success. I honestly can’t do what I do without the support of my wonderful readers.


As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check in with what’s new in Amy’ world. I hope you have a blessed day. Happy reading!



Original Iris Cover



When finishing “Iris” last year, I spent a couple days drawing this cover. I know I”m not the greatest artist, but this was a blast to create. In the end, though, it wasn’t meant to be. But I can still share this with my readers. I’m hoping to draw more art from some of my other stories sometime in the future to represent the images in my head.


PS—This is from Chapter 28.


–Amy Engle

Reps and Royals Update

It’s almost here! Reps and Royals is coming out soon. I’m on the last round of revision–only a few more chapters to go through. The plan is to finish in the next 2-3 days. I’m then hoping to be able to go through twice–emphasis on hope–before I need to submit it.


This release, I’m doing something new. I had done some research on marketing for Kindle. One particular website recommended offering a book for pre-order. Well, that means that Kindle wants my book at least ten days before the release. I had said I wanted to finish Reps and Royals by the end of June. There was no way I was going to complete it by June 20th, so I went ahead and told Kindle that my release date will be July 10th.


I’m going to admit something here. I’m honestly a little worried about this release. This is the first story I’ve written without outside help on the earlier drafts. I’ve had some wonderful readers help me polish up Undoing Life and Iris. But I didn’t do that with Reps and Royals. It is 100% from my brain. I’m excited to see how it will work out, but also anxious that it doesn’t measure up or that it’s confusing. However, I’m going to swallow these worries and be confident that it’s amazing and that my readers will enjoy it.