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You Don’t

“You Don’t”

–Amy Engle


You don’t like my hair?

You don’t like my cooking?

You don’t like my favorite shows?

You don’t like my friends?

You don’t like my interests?

You don’t like┬ámy political opinions?

You don’t like my religious beliefs?

Well, even though I don’t like your attitude,

I’d like to give you my friendship.

I’m the only person who likes

All the same things as me.

I’m sure that’s at least one thing

That we have in common.



The Status of the Day

“The Status of the Day”

–Amy Engle


The day is good.

Events go as planned.

Needs of the body

Are take care of–

Food, shelter, air.

It just might turn out

To be the best day

That’s happened in awhile.

And then it all changes.

Someone makes an

Overly snarky comment.

Maybe a distracted driver

Nearly hits you.

Or a loved one

Doesn’t reply to texts.

Is everything ruined?

Can the day still be salvaged?

A decision needs to be made.

Will it be the good

Or the bad that defines

The status of the day?

Depends on what you choose.

Can You Hear Me?

“Can You Hear Me?”

–Amy Engle


I AM speaking, right?

Can anyone actually hear my words?

Excuse me, but I was saying something.

The sounds coming from my mouth

Are far from random.

I put thought behind them.

Give me a chance, please.

I’ve already done the whole,

“Live in silence so that you don’t

Accidentally say something stupid” lifestyle.

Well, it stinks.

I can’t resist any longer.

There are words on my heart

That are desperate to come out.

My brain has figured out the perfect

Way to say how I feel.

The lips, the teeth, and the tongue

Are ready and waiting.

So why am I being ignored?

Have I died and become a ghost?

Now, I can be petty and ignore you, too.

But what would that accomplish?

We humans are blessed with

The power of speech and reasoning.

Let’s allow each other

The decency of using those gifts.

Words Matter

“Words Matter”

–Amy Engle


When you are caught in a lie,

Don’t say that you didn’t mean it.

Then people will second-guess

Everything that you say.

Your words mean something;

Use them with wisdom.

Deceit drives apart relationships.


Day 7 of my seemingly Impossible Challenge. I didn’t think I could do it, but I’ve managed to write a post a day for a whole week.


However, this following week will be exceedingly busy. Not only do I work 50 hour weeks, but I am also helping out with my school’s play. I’m in charge of the tech and stage crew. And we have 2 rehearsals and 2 performances Monday-Thursday. I will have very little time to write on my blog.


So to honor all of my promises, I’ve come up with a plan to full-fill all my commitments. I will be posting poems that I’ve written lately. I can’t promise they’ll be the greatest poetry that you’ve ever read, but I’m proud of them.


Without further ado, here is my first poem:



–Amy Engle


Illuminated face

Glazed-over eyes



Jutted neck

Typing thumbs

Ignoring everything else

Mezmorized by Cell Phone