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–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #12


I’ve been fairly subtle,

Dropping little hints

That we have a lot of

Interests in common.

And you have been

Exceedingly dense.

Or did you notice but

You just don’t like me?

I suck at this so you

Need to step up and

Take the lead or else

At least express your

Complete disinterest.

I’ve chased you as far as

I can manage and I’m done.

The door is still open

But you need to decide if

I’m the woman you want.

Caring for a scary, intense

Woman like me can be a

Rather difficult, I know.

So I understand if that’s

Why you’ve been distant.

However, I also know my

Worth and I deserve to

Be pursue and cherished.

Take a risk and talk to me.

Hunting Slumber

“Hunting Slumber”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #11


My body is tired.

But my mind

Just doesn’t care.

I toss about in

Hopes of getting

Comfy enough to

Drift off to slumber.

Fantasies and dreams

Await me but I can’t

Quite reach them.

Hours tick on by.

I check the time

Over and over again.

But sleep continues

To craftily elude me.

Morning finally breaks.

I awake more exhausted

The when I had slumped

Into bed that night.

Don’t Invite Me To Play Pool

“Don’t Invite Me To Play Pool”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #10


The cue feels awkward in my hands.

It’s been years since I’ve done this.

I’m nervous under these conditions:

Surrounded by dozens of rough,

Foul-mouthed scoundrel types.

But I’m with my amazing siblings,

Which brings me a level of comfort.

I pass the cue to my brother and let

Him play our sister while I attempt

To remember all the strategies.

Sitting back, I let off a number of

Quick-witted comments to make them

Less embarrassed when they miss.

After several rounds, no one has

Hit anything in, so I tag myself in.

My confident expression is replaced

By uncontrollable laughter as I scratch.

The white ball is retrieved and we

Discuss the proper rules for continuing.

A few rounds later, I scratch once again.

Shaking his head, my brother takes

The cue back and resumes the turn.

We alternating taking missing shots

And then switching in at every scratch.

My sister is the most experienced and

Yet she says that she is out-of-practice.

Nearby players take pity on us three

And teach us some helpful tricks.

Just as I’m about to hit in the last

And final striped ball into a pocket,

The white ball taps in the eight.

A fit of giggles accompany my loss

Before we rack ’em up once again.

Brewed Functionality

“Brewed Functionality”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #9


The alarm buzzes and I

Just can’t wake up.

Subsequent rings slowly

Awaken my lethargic body.

Despite hours in bed,

I do not feel rested.

Everything hurts and my

Joints creak when I move.

Somehow I find the energy

And willpower to roll off

The wadded up mess of

Winkled bedding and onto

The bedroom floor rug.

One things compels me to

Continue with the morning:

My nurturing coffee fix.

There are so many people

Say it’s bad for your health.

So I’ve struggled for years

In breaking my addiction.

But I hate the withdrawal.

Life it tough and I need

All the help caffeine gives.

I’m going to forget about

All the naysayers and enjoy

The benefits of this delicious

Brewed treat that allow me

To somewhat function with

A degree of calm sanity.

Piece in the Pocket

“Piece in the Pocket”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #8


Dump out the box and

Sort the colored bits.

Do the edges first.

Check the floor

For rogue pieces.

Reach around puzzlers.

Ask if certain pieces

Fit together correctly.

Check the floor

For rogue pieces.

Begin the middle.

Switch to a different

Place when frustrated.

Check the floor

For rogue pieces.

Make small talk.

Spend hours afixing

The cardboard images.

Check the floor

For rogue pieces.

Adjust your view to

The other side.

It doesn’t help.

Check the floor

For rogue pieces.

Freak out that you

Can’t find a certain bit.

Suppress vulgar curses.

Check the floor

For rogue pieces.

Grandma had a custom of

Hiding pieces in pockets.

Accuse each other.

Check the floor

For rogue pieces.

Become agitated as

The afternoon wears on.

Keep referencing the box.

Check the floor

For rogue pieces.

Let go of frustration

And celebrate as you find

It underneath the couch.