–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2017 Poem #18


I’ll give it another try.

Maybe the last six

Time were all flukes.

Perhaps on-line dating

Has gotten better in

The last few months

And there are genuine,

God-following men

Out there now.

Hmm. Several people

Have viewed me since

The last time I checked

This dating app.

Half of these don’t

Live anywhere near me.

Only one of the others

Says that he’s “religious.”

But his pictures seem

To contradict that.

Oh! I’ve got a message!

It’s only two words:

The first is “Holy” and

The second’s a¬†curse word.

So does that mean that

I’m too beautiful to allow

Him to form decent words?

Or is that the least amount

Of work he’s willing to put

Forward to chat with me?

This isn’t anymore

Promising than last time.

Why am  wasting my life

Searching for a man?

There are so many better

Uses of my energy.

But I said I’d give it

Another chance.

I’ll give my true love

Another week to find me

Through this site.

Then I’ll go back to being

Content in my singleness.

Nope. I’m really done now.

An ex-boyfriend found me.

He wants to reconnect.

It’s been eight years.

Yep, he’s still just as

Immature and creepy

As he has always been.

He doesn’t remember

My actual name.

Seriously, dude?

You’re gonna send me

4 back-to-back messages

Telling me your life story

In hopes that I’ll reply.


That still doesn’t make

Me feel any better.

This was a mistake.

Time to deactivate

My account yet again.