Don’t Panic

So, it’s been awhile. I had every intention of writing a post at least once a week. But teaching 7th grade English has proven to  be more time-consuming that I had anticipated. Working seventy-hours-a-week has taken it’s toll on my sanity, health, and energy. But since this is a 3-day weekend in observance of Labor Day, I’m feeling rejuvenated. My mantra–“Don’t Panic” from Adam Douglass’ “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”–has come in handy as I’ve been surviving countless emails, meetings, and germs that keep threatening my teacher-productivity.


It had been my goal to finish “Alteration,” the second book in my series, The Rygom Narratives. I even have a first draft that I had written years ago in college. But as I had re-read what I had, I was discouraged by how awful the manuscript was. I kept trying to motivate myself to work on it. However, I could never find the desire to work on it. I know established writers say to write every day, but I just don’t have any energy to work on a project that I’m not passionate about. So I’ll get to it eventually. Just not right now.


In the meantime, I’ve gotta write something. I wrote a story for NaNoWriMo last year that I really enjoyed. It doesn’t need as much work and I think I can finish it in a couple months. I’m hoping that will invigorate my creative energy so that I can work on “Alteration” later on this winter or early spring. For those that are curious, the tentative title of my current project is “Wisps of Honor”–it very well might change since I’m not 100% happy with it.


One last thing for now: I’ve cut prices on all my books on Kindle. I realized that I had been charging too much. Most of the indie writers I’ve come across have lower prices. I’m sure that they don’t make as much commission, but they sell a lot more books. So I thought I’d give it a shot, too. You can check out all my books here.


Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!