Easter Reminder

“Easter Reminder”

–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #1


Dressed in their best clothes,

Children are herded to church.

The carefully smoothed dresses

become rumbled messes of fabric.

Boys tug at their tight bow-ties.

Thoughts of adventure and candy

Fill their young minds as they

Anticipate the Easter Hunt awaiting

Them at home after the service.

Adults keep track of the egg’s

Hiding places while signing worship

Led by the over-practiced choir.

Those coerced into preparing meals

Run through their checklists and

Hope they didn’t forget anything

Since all the stores are closed today.

The sermon begins and everyone

Listens for a few minutes before

Being distracted once again.

Guilt sets in as they realize Easter

Is a special day and should be

Celebrated as such with the right

Heart and mindset of remembrance.

Our Savior’s sacrifice should be

Thought of more than simply

Once per year on Easter Sunday;

Jesus’ Crucifixion should remain

Ever-present in our souls and

Guiding our thoughts and actions.

Our sins have been forgiven!

We don’t have to live in fear of

The evils of this wicked world.

The Heavenly Father sent his Son

Because he loved us so much and

Wanted to give us the gift of

Eternal Life with him in paradise.

So even when we forget to praise Him,

He is still faithful and desires us.

But don’t forget to thank Him for

The blessings He has bestowed to you,

For that is when you keep your heart

In the right place and have the correct

Perspective to guide your daily life.

And once you’ve accepted His gift,

Remember to pass along to your

Loved ones how they can also

Enjoy His perfect, enduing grace.