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“Undoing Life”

Sal Chancellor is just an ordinary man who is stuck in dead-end job and is unable to keep a girlfriend—that is until he finds a discarded watch that lets him travel backwards in his time line. Armed with his new gadget, he goes about changing his life for the better.

But little does Sal know that he’s being experimented on by people four-hundred years in the future. Tragedy has struck all that have played with time. The scientists are no longer trusted with the greatest treasure in the world. Militants take over in order to ensure lives aren’t lost in future tests. There’s no room for failure anymore. It’s possible that Sal Chancellor might help them better understand how the time-travelling technology affects everyone in the past, present, and future.

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“Iris: Book 1 of the Rygom Narratives”

Alteration research has been declared illegal in the Megacity Rygom. Too many gave their lives in pursuit of making humans more powerful. Those few fortunate Alterations that survived have gone into hiding, fearful of what might happen if the Agency finds them.

Despite her father’s warnings, Iris Kayn has enrolled in the prestigious Agency Training Program, pursuing her dream of becoming an Enforcer. Dr. Norman Kayn’s concern for his daughter increases as Agent Tobias Vega and his sons take an alarming interest in Iris. Unsure of how much they know, Norman hopes that the Vegas aren’t seeking the truth about his beloved wife’s death.

Meanwhile in the Lower Region, Azure Clan Leaders, twins Rikani and Tays Rye, attempt to recover from a tragedy that nearly wiped out their entire family. Rikani works tirelessly to build a safe, prosperous community for her tenants and remaining relatives. All the while, Tays must deal with the ghosts from his past; his former mentor and ex-lover both seek to ruin his plans of reuniting Upper Society and the Lower Region, each for their own nefarious reasons.

Plans are hatched. People are manipulated. Pending doom awaits those in Rygom who fail to see the strings being pulled.

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“Reps and Royals”

Princess Juzeera’s twenty-first Birth Week celebration was meant to be the highlight event of the year. However, that all changes when two space visitors arrive on her planet to spoil her fun. Tired of their accusations that her home is a dangerous place where people disappear, The Princess finds ways of turning situations to her advantage.

Newly-appointed as a Representative for the Space Colonization Guild, Tybrik strives to make his mark on the world. Ironically, his first task as mission leader is on an aptly named planet called “The World.” He is determined to prove that he has what it takes to be in command and live up to the Director’s expectations. Tybrik finds this difficult to do when he suddenly finds himself blackmailing The Princess in order to keep his identity a secret. This proves to be a fool-hardy scheme since the spaceman has now drawn the attention of Juzeera’s other suitors.

After barely arriving at The World in one piece, Haelon puts her guard up. It doesn’t help that her half-brother, Tybrik, has gotten himself mixed up in a pretend relationship with Princess Juzeera. While her incompetent sibling and the powder puff waste time convincing the Worldians that they are a couple, it is up to Haelon to take control of the mission and investigate the mysterious disappearances of the SCG Reps. All the while, a missing item from a past assignment has been sent to Haelon as a “gift.” The Representative must determine if she can trust her stalker or handle her situation on her own.

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“Mended By Ashes”

Finding herself now an adult and completely without skill, Myx yearns for an adventure that will help her determine a better future than as a boring store clerk. So when much-anticipated War Declaration between the Tarasi and the Hathak is announced, she decides to enlist.

However, tragedy strikes her first day in the military. The Hathak storm the training center, taking Myx and her companions as prisoners of war. Forced into slavery at a Labor Camp, they must endure every variety of abuse as the Hathak perform inhumane experiments on their Tarasi captives.

Through every soul-crushing moment of darkness, Myx manages to find the strength to bear her Handler’s brutality. She draws her determination from the love of her fellow prisoners during their weeks of torture. Despite her apathetic nature, she manages to gain some new abilities.

And yet, there is something more sinister taking place. No one around Myx seems to be who they say they are. Her tribulations increase further as she must seek out the truth behind everyone’s original motives for wanting to be involved in her ordinary existence.

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