Reps and Royals Database

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-Juzeera: The Princess of The World, nearly 21, red hair, green eyes, female, enjoys adventure, hates schooling, has multiple suitors, easily distracted

-Tybrik: newly-appointed Representative of the Space Colonization Guild, 22, black hair, hazel eyes, male, not yet confident in his ability to be a Rep, good at research, decently skilled in firearms

-Haelon: prominent Representative of the Space Colonization Guild, 26, black hair, brown eyes, female, proficient in hand-to-hand combat, excellent liar, mutters to herself

-Werkong: The King of the World, mid-fifties, grey-streaked red hair, Juzeera’s father, Ylreha’s husband, male, colonized the planet of The World, spends all his time with his endless hobbies

-Ylreha: The Queen of the World, early-fifties, dark-blonde hair, Juzeera’s mother, Werkong’s wife, female, hates bureaucracies, prudent and practical

-Aphod: President of the Media Coalition, 23, pale hair, male, Mehkin’s brother, wears temple-less spectacles, one of Juzeera’s suitors

-Mehkin: 19, pale hair—often arranged in thin braids, female, Aphod’s sister, has a fascination with knives, Juzeera’s close companion

-Korvex: President of the Entertainment Coalition, 30, male, the eldest of Juzeera’s suitors, normally good-humored

-Elras: Legatee of the Transportation Coalition, 24, male, one of Juzeera’s suitors, tall and skinny, doesn’t care to socialize, is always reading illegally on his Slate

-Bougle: Legatee of the Labor Coalition, 23, male, one of Juzeera’s suitors, squat and rotund, is regularly on his Slate—his gaze always shifting between what is happening and the Slate screen

-Remir: 30, brown hair, female, one of Juzeera’s Handmaidens, enjoys telling stories—has an endless supply of them, secretly in love with Viewer Gnab

-Gnab: 35, male, a high-ranking Viewer in Fleetship Castle, tall and muscular, dedicated to protecting Princess Juzeera, secretly in love with Handmaiden Remir

-Orkesim: President of the Security Coalition, white hair, female, a stern but reasonable woman

-Laycia: Legatee of the Security Coalition, 23, female, secretly in love with Elras

-Blythe: laborer, claims to be a former Representative of the Space Colonization Guild

-Sharnedi: laborer, claims to be a former Representative of the Space Colonization Guild


-The World: the planet colonized by King Werkong and Queen Ylreha

-Slate: personal communication device on The World

-The: nouns that are unique and singular on this planet are used with a capitalized “The”—The King, The Queen, The Princess, The World

-Viewer: security guard

-Coalitions: managed by a President–a title that is passed on from parent to child; Coalition Presidents make up a Congress that regulates life on The World

-Space Colonization Guild (SCG): is responsible for locating planets that have been colonized after the three original post-Earth colonies became over-crowded; Reps of the SCG open up communication between various planets to arrange for various treaties/imports/exports/relief aide/etc…


-Fleetship Castle: home of the royals of The World as well as their servants and many Viewers, made from the fleet of ships that brought the colonizers to The World, gold-plated in many places, has secret tunnels running through it—known by only a few

-Bastion: a tower composed of Juzeera’s rooms, part of Fleetship Castle

-Monarch’s Wing: Werkong’s and Ylreha’s living quarters, part of Fleetship Castle

-Royal Library: full of millions of ancient paper books that are never read, part of Fleetship Castle

-Tetrahedron: three-sided marble pyramid in Fleetship Castle, part of Fleetship Castle

-Spire Hall: glass building that twists into a spire—can be seen from space, part of Fleetship Castle

-First City: the first city built by King Werkong, situated outside Fleetship Castle

-Golden Glacier Falls: waterfall full of golden flecks, comes from melting glaciers north of the cliffs outside Fleetship Castle

-Bright Forest: the forest above and below Golden Glacier Falls, named for the reflection of the gold deposits that softly reflect the sun

-Fire Islands: series of active volcanoes

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