–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2018 Poem #12


I’ve been fairly subtle,

Dropping little hints

That we have a lot of

Interests in common.

And you have been

Exceedingly dense.

Or did you notice but

You just don’t like me?

I suck at this so you

Need to step up and

Take the lead or else

At least express your

Complete disinterest.

I’ve chased you as far as

I can manage and I’m done.

The door is still open

But you need to decide if

I’m the woman you want.

Caring for a scary, intense

Woman like me can be a

Rather difficult, I know.

So I understand if that’s

Why you’ve been distant.

However, I also know my

Worth and I deserve to

Be pursue and cherished.

Take a risk and talk to me.