Speculative Fiction Emporium

Recently, I’ve had the joy of connecting with some fantastic fellow writers. An author I follow on Twitter invited me to Like this Facebook page via his automatic message. I was hesitant since there are some strange groups out there. But I absolutely love it!


It’s called Speculative Fiction Emporium. What’s so great about it is they have a writing contest every week. Normally, the rule is to follow the prompt, write short story (usually 500 words max), and then vote on your favorite. I say normally because it’s still a fairly new feature and they are working out all the kinks. This week the prompt is longer and in-depth, so we get more time and words to write our story. The voting period is a day via a poll on the Facebook Page. The winner with the most votes gets featured on a blog that has over 5,000 followers.


This has been such an amazing experience. This is only my third submission, but I’m already feeling like a more-skilled writer. My plan is to take my stories and expand them into longer short stories to try and sell to sci-fi and fantasy magazines.


So if you’re in a writing rut, you should check out the Speculative Fiction Emporium!

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