–Amy Engle


National Poetry Writing Month 2017 Poem #4


As I start, my mind is troubled.

Stress of the day bangs around

My thoughts until I’m enraged.

The steady motion of my limbs

Moving in sync is oddly calming.

A forceful melody blares in my ears.

Steps ease into a quick, even pace.

Children laugh and play in the streets,

Waving eagerly at me as I pass them.

Memories of my younger years surface.

There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes

From seeing kids’ bright, smiling faces.

Somehow, my heart feels a bit lighter.

Home is in sight, but I’m not done yet.

Another rigorous lap is needed to settle

The inner storm raging deep inside me.

The frustration from my day eases as

My legs bend with the music’s tempo.


Breath is ragged and muscles burn.

Vigor and life course through my veins.

I desire to keep going for hours more.

But pesky life has other matters that I

Must take care of before the night’s end.

And so I reluctantly return to the indoors,

Looking forward to next evening’s walk.